Cosmic Overlord, Stygian Fair och Last Run

fredag, september 21, 2018 - 21:00

21.00 LAST RUN

Lokalen öppnar kl 17 för middag till kl 21.00.
Inträde 150 kr i dörren från kl 20.00.
Stängning kl 02.00.
Ålder 18 år.


Umeåbandet Cosmic Overlord spelar blytung, långsamt släpig doom metal med influenser från Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Candlemass och diverse obskyra 70-talsakter.

Bandet har existerat sen 2013, har två släpp och lite medlemsbyten bakom sig. Musiken är tillgänglig på t.ex. Spotify mfl.

Detta blir det första giget med en ny sättning, och ett nedstämt, massivt ljudande, överstyrt & icke kommersiellt set utlovas…

– – –

Cosmic Overlord is a doom metal band from Umeå, Sweden. The core of the sound is heavy, detuned riffage, combined with melodic and progressive passages.

Two releases has been made since the start. Both can be found on Spotify and various other sites.

Cosmic Overlord has recently been undergoing changes in the line-up. Therefore this appearence will be the first with the new members. And maybe even some new material…


After several years together in CRAVE both P-O Jonsson and Emil Holmqvist decided to leave the band in 2013 to lay the foundations for STYGIAN FAIR. Not long after Erik Andersson had joined on bass and Andreas Stoltz on lead vocals and guitar. This first incarnation of STYGIAN FAIR never made a big mark recording or gig wise… due to life’s crooked path.
In the autumn of 2016, Erik left and shortly after also Andreas. Soon thereafter the band gathered new momentum by welcoming Anders Hedman as the new powerhouse bass player. After a couple auditions STYGIAN FAIR came across Pontus Åkerlund and felt that his voice did convey the emotions sought for in the music.

This band is hard to label as it touches upon Progressive Metal as well as classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal and Doom. Dark and heavy riffs topped with melancholy and tons of creative melodies that set STYGIAN FAIR apart from most new bands these days. Pontus Åkerlund’s bright voice catches the vibe of Rob Lowe or even John Arch’s even if STYGIAN FAIR are more primitive and rough in their sound still. Also musically the references are the same; the doom and gloom from SOLITUDE AETURNUS are there mixed with the structure and technicality of FATES WARNING, also more contemporary acts as ETERNAL CHAMPION and TAD MOROSE can be mentioned. There are also more basic Rock-oriented passages which lighten things up which is why STYGIAN FAIR are hard to label. It is melodic and heavy, technical but still catchy which shows on the debut “Into The Coven” EP; a release that presents creative song-writing and a band with great talent. The future should be bright for STYGIAN FAIR
/Erika Wallberg,

Last Run plays Rock and Roll, Heavy Blues, Everything that has passion in it!
Yes, Covers DO happen, but nowadays it’s mostly selfwritten thingies we throw around!
”Its Only Rock ’n Roll, But We Like It!”
No matter what, WE WILL ROCK YOU!

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